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1) "How do I make sure that the cheat works?"

— Watch videos on our YouTube channel -

2) "What subscription periods do you have?"

— All purchase options are listed in the Telegram channel.

3) "Can I test a cheat/spoofer?"

— There is no free and paid test and there will not be. Only purchase for the period that is offered in the Telegram channel.

4) "Why don't you have 1-day subscriptions, free tests?"

— There are no tests and subscriptions for a short period of time to preserve the security of cheats.

An uncontrolled number of users inevitably leads to a defect.

5) "How to make sure your cheats are Undetected?"

— You can watch the cheat launch video on my main 3000 elo FaceIT account, on which I have been playing for more than 3 years. The following videos are also recorded on this account, and it remains not banned.

6) "What guarantees are there that you won't deceive me?"

— Our VK community, Telegram channel, website and YouTube channel have been around for more than 5 years. During this time we have earned our reputation and we are not going to spoil it. In case of fraud anywhere on the Internet, people can contact law enforcement agencies, and we would not be able to work for so long, deceiving people. In the VK community, you can read customer reviews.

7) "How do I know I will receive a cheat after payment?"

— After reading point 1, you can make sure that the cheat is working.

Cheats files and their updates are uploaded to our Telegram channel. After payment, you will receive a password from the archive and an activation key.

It makes no sense for us not to give the buyer a cheat after payment, thereby committing an offense, spoiling our reputation and losing a potential client in the future. Therefore, our customers always receive goods and technical support for the subscription period.

8) "Will the cheat definitely work on my PC?"

— The cheat works 100% on Windows 10 and 11 versions 21H2, 22H2, 23H2 with the necessary drivers.

9) "What if the cheat doesn't start?"

— If you have the Windows 10, but the cheat doesn't work, I will provide the necessary help to make everything work.

10) "I won't get banned?"

— Basically it depends on your gameplay since the status of cheats is Undetected. Uran has a guarantee that you will not get banned on FaceIT when playing with an aimbot and/or radar hack.

11) "If I get banned on FaceIT, will I get a VAC ban?"

— No.

12) "What does "100 slots" mean in the description of Uran?"

— This means the cheat is designed for 100 people. If all slots are filled with buyers, then sales will be suspended. At the moment there are still free slots, find out the latest information from the seller.

13) "How many people have already bought your cheats?"

— For 5 years of sales more than 8000 people. Please note that this is not the number of users at the moment, but the total number of buyers for all time.

14) "Can I play with this cheat in the MM, on other leagues?"

— You can play anywhere. More accurate information on the anti-cheat bypass status is here.

15) "Send me the proofs of your cheat/spoofer's work"

— All information about our software and performance proofs is available on this website, in the

VK communityYouTube channel. You can also read reviews. No additional proof is provided. Don't ask the seller about it.

16) "Were there any cheat detections?"

— The first versions in 2018 were. Now the Premium cheat and Uran is Undetected.

17) "Can I get a discount or a free cheat? I'll invite 5 friends"

— We don't have an invite a friend - get a bonus system, so no.

18) "Why do you have such low prices for cheats for FaceIT?"

— At a high price (for example, €400), we are not sure that at least someone will decide to buy software. The website and YouTube channel will drop in search due to low demand. But at a price of €50, many peoples are interested in the cheat, regularly buy, often extend next month and recommend it to friends.

19) "Why aren't your cheats detected or fixed?"

- If we delve into the technical component, we use the type of memory reading of the game, which at the moment cannot be detected by any anti-cheat.
- The cheat is launched through our own driver, which is loaded with the start of Windows before the anti-cheat is launched. Each time the cheat is launched, a unique build is generated, and part of the code required for operation is stored on the cloud and loaded at startup. 
- FaceIT would be able to detect our cheat only if they received its sources, but they are reliably protected by one-way encryption and stored on the cloud. Therefore, even after buying a cheat, they will not get access to the source code. Reverse engineering in this case would cost FaceIT developers thousands of euros and more than a month of time.
- It happened that FaceIT updated the anti-cheat and our injection method stopped working (not to be confused with the cheat detection), in such cases we rewrote the driver for a couple of days and everything continued to work. News about such updates are published in our Telegram channel.

20) "How does the cheat run?"

— You can watch the video

After purchase, you will receive detailed text instructions in English.

21) "Do CS2 and FaceIT anti-cheat updates affect the operation of cheats?"

— With major CS2 updates our cheats automatically update offsets and are ready for use in a few hours. You don't need to download the cheat again.

When updating the FaceIT anti-cheat, the cheats are manually tested by us, after which they are also ready for use. I emphasize that FaceIT updates and the detection of any cheats are weakly related, since they can do this without updating the anti-cheat.

After the next CS2 or FaceIT update, you can safely run our cheats. If suddenly nothing happens, you just need to wait a few hours for them to update.

22) "What percentage of your users get banned on FaceIT?"

— According to our statistics, less than 5% of all our users have been banned from FaceIT. This is mainly due to playing too aggressively, receiving a huge number of reports and, as a result, being manually banned.

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